Filtering Lazy Query Container

Hi everybody,

Does the Lazy Query Container handle advanced filtering ? I didn’t find any informations on the wiki page.

For information, I want to retrieve informations from a mongo database and filter them without loading the entire database in memory.

Jerome M.

At least the last time I used LazyQueryContainer, it did not have filtering at all. I extended the container and implemented filtering capabilities myself. You can read all about it
in my blog

See also e.g.
this thread
- there are some add-ons extending LQC that do support filtering with JPA, so you might want to model your solution after them even if using a NoSQL database.

Then you also have the (commercial but very inexpensive)
Transactional Container
, which also extends the capabilities of LQC and might have something related to filtering.

Thank you both of you for your useful informations.

I am currently using JPA Container 1.0 and I have some performance issues with very large tables(MySQL), that’s why I want to test with MongoDB.

I’m going to check TransactionalContainer features, before trying to implement my own solution.

Edit : As far as I understand, the best way to do it is to subclass QueryDefinition.

Jérôme M.