Filtering Grid doesn't work

Hi there,

I have an IndexedContainer wrapped into a GeneratedPropertyContainer. The generatedPropertyContainer is then plugged into a Grid. No When I add a Container filter to the GeneratedPropertyContainer, the grid does not change - although I see that the filter is called…it seems as if the grid is not aware of the filter in the container. Any ideas?

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The GPC requires special handling for filtering on the generated properties.

If you need to filter only on the original properties, just add the filters to the wrapped container, as is done in this
Grid features example
, which uses IC wrapped in GPC, like in your case. Oh, the example seems to have a bug as it also allows filtering on the generated property…

If you also need to filter by the generated properties, you need to handle filtering in the GPC by modifying the filter in the modifyFilter() method in the PropertyValueGenerator. The filter needs to be modified so that it doesn’t act on the generated property, but on the properties in the wrapped container. I don’t know if there’s any documentation for that, just
this test code
, which hopefully gives you some direction.

Thanks for your help - got it working.