FileDownloader doesn't work with ExternalResource

I’m using Vaadin 8.
I want to preview image and provide a way to save it to disk with a button.
I have a Window with content of Image and a Button

123456String resourceURL = // any link of PNG image from google
Button downloadBtn = new Button(“download”);
ExternalResource source = new ExternalResource(resourceURL);
FileDownloader downloader = new FileDownloader(source);

After clicking on button downloading does not start, instead of this I have ultrafast browser loading action. I mean Chrome shows spinner like while loading page, it’s lasts less than a second.

Hi Kubi,

I think
is meant to download files from your app server.

If your file is always in a different server you could use a simple link,
like explained here

Best regards. Hope it helps!

Sounds like a bug to me. Can you please open an issue at