FileChooser once again

I googled a lot of times but I didn’t get any good solution.
Does someone know where can I take a component like FileChooser, because there is a task to choose and to take a path to any directory or file on the local file system. I don’t neet to upload something, only to get a path. I considered different components as standart Upload and components from EasyUpload but there is a lack these components return only filename without the full path. Perhaps I need to use pure JavaScript but this way is not convenient. Any ideas?

Not to burst your bubble here but you can’t…and you shouldn’t.
For security reasonst the Browser doesn’t send the full file path when you e.g. upload a file and that is a good thing. Only really old Browsers or Browsers with security leaks will send this kind of information.
After a quick search there seems to be some way to get a vague file path with js:

I highly doubt it is stable though and again I’d recommend not to do it in the first place.

I tell again, I don’t need to upload something to a server part, I need only to choose a path to object (file or directory) and to put this information into a TextField and it’s all.

I know and it doesn’t change anything.
Just have a look at this stackoverflow question:


Thank you for the anwser, I have understood