"Figure 5.33" of "Book of Vaadin(7)" is wrong

I am reading the “Book of Vaadin” (Vaadin 7 Edition - 2nd Revision), and find out something is wrong in it.

In the section “5.13. Button”, the sample code is:

Button button = new Button("Click Me!"); button.addClickListener(new Button.ClickListener() { public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) { Notification.show("Thank You!"); } }); but the result shown in “Figure 5.33.An Example of a Button” is a button which has a caption: “Do not push this button”
(Check the attachment for details)


The sample code in Edition7 is:

Button button = new Button("Click Me!");

And in Edition6 is:

thebutton = new Button ("Do not push this button"); ...... Looks like someone edited the sample code, but forgot to edit the figure.

Thanks, I marked the error to be fixed.

Thanks Marko.

Can you check this thread?


It is also sample code problem about “Book of Vaadin” (Vaadin 7 Edition - 2nd Revision)

Hi Marko,

New problem, can you read this?


And by the way, when I create a new topic about some problem about “The Book of Vaadin”,
how can I send some kind of “personal message” to you (to let you know the URL of the topic)?
Now I have to post a reply in this topic to make sure you can get a notification…

I have created a ticket for this problem:


Ok, thanks. Just notice that if you have a lot of small typo corrections, you should group them in the same ticket. There’s probably some small typo on almost every other page, so no sense in making hundreds of tickets for all of those.

Not sure when I have time to fix those. I’ll have to push them to the backlog and there’s some of it.

Hi Marko,

If you have no time to fix these tiny problem, can I do it?

Is the repository of the “Book of Vaadin” here?


Can I commit some modification to this repository, following this instruction?


Yes, you need to sign and send the contribution agreement and then you can send corrections through Gerrit. Just mark me as the reviewer.

You should probably only send smallish and obvious fixes through Gerrit, as bigger book changes are a bit difficult to review through it reliably.

There’s no particular instructions for compiling the book. Compiling the PDF version properly requires some commercial fonts and a XEP license, but it should compile without those as well, just not as pretty.