FieldBeanGroup TextField updation issue from UDP Receiver


I am having one Bean Class with bean member as cmd_id.
I am trying to bind my bean object with a Designer form having a textfield named cmd_id.
But the UI is not getting updated when i update my bean.

/*************************** Bean Binding Code ***************************/
static BeanFieldGroup binder = new BeanFieldGroup(CommandId.class);

/*************************** Bean Updation Code ***************************/

protected void fnUpdateCmdId_DataModel(short cmd_id_temp)
    binder.getItemDataSource().getBean().cmd_id    =    cmd_id_temp;        

[/code]The Updation code is called from a UDP Receiver thread.

The issue is when i call fnUpdateCmdId_DataModel() from receiver then Bean gets updated but UI textfield doesnot get updated.

Anything wrong am i doing?

I have tried @Push annotaton for UI class and access method also in UDP receiver thread but still not working.

If i update my Textfield component directly by accessing it then its working but if i update my BeanFieldGroup then it is not updating Textfield.

Please help me out.