feedback needed on meetingShed, my Vaadin application for meeting booking

I’ve recently launched a beta version of a web app called
, which is a meeting scheduling and booking tool that uses Google Calendar.

I already have some fantastic feedback from which I hope to refine the application, but I’d be interested in what other Vaadin developers think about meetingShed and any comments you may have.

The app was developed in the midst of a lot of other work, and so inevitably I would think there is room for improvement.

You can check it out here:


do you have a guest user/pass we can use so we don’t have to register?


email: meetingshed[at]
password: password

This is a standard brand new user so just as if you’d just registered. Feel free to add contacts and locations, fake or otherwise, and play around with it.

I’ve noticed a few folks have had a go with the app now, does anyone have any feedback they’d like to offer?

That test account is still active, and I resolved a slight issue so that the import of Google Contacts has a dummy contact to add.