Feature: UI events listener / creating decent error reports in production

I’ve created a mechanism that allows Vaadin applications to receive every user interaction that is sent from the client-side to server-side. It’s easy to use and mechanism itself is pretty simple.

Click here to see the video

See ticket 4314
to see the gore details including patch + how to use example code.

Main use case: Developers can now understand a lot easier any issues occurred on the production environments. Developers no longer need to interpret end user error report stories which on some customer cases are really inadequate to comprehend. Reports just don’t tell enough details on what end uses did before exception occurred. Crude error reports make some bugs very hard to reproduce back in developer’s computer. This feature should make bug hunting a lot easier.

Possible use case: UI designers could record how end users use application, using this mechanism it is possible to see in how and in which order each UI component is interacted by the end users.

As a side effect, Developers now can clearly see when client-side contacts server-side, especially non expert Vaadin application developers might find this handy to understand how different components work.

Any thoughts about if this is of any use or how API should be changed? Notice that this still requires patching Vaadin…