ive looked at https://vaadin.com/docs/v14/flow/advanced/tutorial-bootstrap
to change the favicon of a page but ive had no success

here is my current code:

    public void configurePage(InitialPageSettings settings) {
        settings.addFavIcon("icon", "../themes/mytodo/favicon.ico", "256x256");

whenever i start the server, it instantly crashes `Process finished with exit code 0`

Using relative path (…/) won’t work

so like C:/...

No that would make it even more bad :wink: the path of the possible favicon location is predefined, like starting from the theme or resource folder - not sure at the moment which one it was

In my Spring Boot project I made the following:
I made a CustomeUiBoostrapListener.java:

    public void modifyBootstrapPage(BootstrapPageResponse response) {
        final Element head = response.getDocument().head();
        head.append("<link rel=\"shortcut icon\" href=\"icons/favicon.ico\">");
and I used in CustomUiVaadinServiceInitListener.java:
```public class CustomUiVaadinServiceInitListener implements VaadinServiceInitListener {

    public void serviceInit(ServiceInitEvent event) {
        event.addBootstrapListener(new CustomUiBoostrapListener());
        event.addDependencyFilter((dependencies, filterContext) -> dependencies);
        event.addRequestHandler((session, request, response) -> false);
and the favicon.ico location is: