Failed to load the widgetset ...

Hello, I added the Google Analytics widget
to my project and I get the following error

Failed to load the widgetset: /VAADIN/widgetsets/org.test.vsdb0.widgetset.MyAppWidgetSet/org.test.vsdb0.widgetset.MyAppWidgetSet.nocache.js?1315334173675

what could be the problem ?

it is a small project and runs on Cloud Foundry here :

Thanks in advance,


I checked the Cloud Foundry log and I found this

INFO: Requested resource [VAADIN/widgetsets/org.test.vsdb0.widgetset.MyAppWidget
Set/org.test.vsdb0.widgetset.MyAppWidgetSet.nocache.js] not found from filesyste
m or through class loader. Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or a
dd files to WebContent/VAADIN folder.

I still have no idea how to fix it …

The Google Analytics add-on contains a widget set that requires building it into a project-specific widget set. Apparently, you have either not compiled the widget set or included it in the deployment.

How do you compile and deploy your application?

I used the following this explanation
In the end I used the

vaadin:update-widgetset install

The project was deployed with Cloud Foundry integration plugin.

Thanks for your effort.


PS: Where can I find the signs of that things went wrong ?
Do you have public access to discuss this issue by chat (e.g irc.freenode #vaadin )?

I don’t have a Maven project at hand right now to see how it works, but you could check the section
Configuring the Deployment Assembly
about the widget set compilation targets. It’s with Roo and I don’t know if you use it, but the issue may be same in your case.