Failed to Load the Widgetset

Hello evry one.
I am using vaadin 7 with tomcat setver and servlet.
I have created and compiled a widget, when I add it to my UI class, during the loading in the web page I receive an alert
containing following massage:

Failed to load the widgetset: ./VAADIN/widgetsets/WidgetprojectWidgetset/WidgetprojectWidgetset.nocache.js?1394448423342

I also used the @VaadinServletConfiguration annotation
What is the solutIon? I need it.

Hi Mustafa,

Can you provide your project’s structure? Did you check that your war contains such file?


check if you widgetset is compiled and you got in VAADIN directory new folder (‘widgetsets’) wich contains all that’s need for run correct you inherits (I use vaadin 6+, but I think in 7 the situation is also the same,actualy I’m not sure)

I have compiled my widgetset with no erorr. After compilation a directory “Widgetset” is created which contains the required files. But I have the problem yet. The Project Structure is attached.

check if in web.xml you put corect path to you widgetset , must be something :


or in version 7 :

p.s. not sure about 7 I’m not use him

Can you check if the generated war/jar file contains the .nocache.js file? If it doesn’t, you’re not packaging the project properly. If running Eclipse, try right click → export and then choose Vaadin add-on package.

Hi guys, the problem is solved by correct addressing.
I had addressed the widgetset file, like html addressing, The


must to be given.
Thanks Pavlov Iurie.