Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js?v=7.7.

I have ubuntu server with Tomcat 8, and two Vaadin application on it made with Vaadin 7.7.10 - everything is ok but after lets say 6-7 days server just drops “Failed to load the bootstrap javascript: ./VAADIN/vaadinBootstrap.js?v=7.7.10” and block both applications. This was happening while there was just one appication. It’s pretty much strange to me, does anybody have idea why does this happening?

Any updates? I’m getting a similar error with Vaadin 8.3.3

It appears the issue for me was that the maven build was including older version of the Vaadin jars. I had to manually run “mvn clean” before doing anything to force the war to be completely clean. This completely resolved the issue for me.