Facing issues with vaadin 6.7.2 jar

Previously, I was using 6.6 version of jar…then upgraded to 6.7.0 RC1…
Now i upgraded it with 6.7.2 which is available for download on vaadin site…

Because of this I am facing issues with some of the components.
For example, when I am writing a value into textbox programaticaly it doesn’t show the value until and unless I refresh the UI.

Could some one help to resolve this issue.

TextField works as expected for me. There has been some changes to the way the client and server side implementations of the TextField communication with each other between 6.7.0 RC1 and 6.7.2 so if your widgetset is from an earlier version, there will most likely be problems.

If you are using the bundled DefaultWidgetset, please make sure you have updated the contents of your VAADIN directory (unless you are serving the widgetset directly from the .jar). If you are not using DefaultWidgetset, please ensure you have recompiled you widgetset using the same version of Vaadin as you are using on the server.

I was able to resolve this issue.
What I did is recompiled the widgetset after upgrading to 6.7.2

Thanks for the help…