Extending Menubar

Hey guys,

Here a couple of questions,

A while ago, i requested how to make the menubar open upward now vaadin menubar does not do that. I was adviced that I should extend VMenuBar.

ref :
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Now I’m starting to get to know eclipse and installed the add-on for easier use. When I come before a few choices


standard : com.vaadin.ui.AbstractComponent

Following the advice of the post above me I understand I had to use VMenuBar so i choose

Simple ; Simple Client - side and server-side component with client-server communication
Clean : Simple Client - side and server-side component
Server-side-only : server - side only

For my quest in making a menubar that opens upward I am thinking menubar is a component that needs client-server communication since you press the menu items and they have to return links and stuff like that.

So I choose simple.

I press finish
VMyComponent and Component are created both with generated code

First problem I encounter the generated code overrides paintContent/changeVariables which do not exist in VMenuBar

Second problem when I just delete the wrong generated code, When making MyComponent object I cannot add it to the screen since it does not inherit from Component

If I’m doing stuff wrong please tell me. I thought I had a suspicion how to handle it but I can’t put it in words.