Extending Components with AbstractExtension


In an existing Vaadin 7 project, I’ve extended the Vaadin Upload component to allow for an “accept” header to be set. I followed the post
in order to do this.

What the blog post neglects to mention is that you need a new widgetset .gwt.xml file at the server package level. So I now have 2 widgetsets in my project, with the main project .gwt.xml file ineheriting the Upload extension .gwt.xml (see UploadExtension.png attachment).

Is there anyway I can point my main project .gwt.xml file to the source code in the main package structure, and therefore delete the new .gwt.xml file which is buried deep in my source code? It would mean that I only need to compile 1 widgeset, instead of the 2 that are needed now?

Am I right in thinking that we need a brand new wisgestet .gwt.xml for EVERY Vaadin component we extend?



Would anybody be able to help with this please? Thanks