Experience packaging Vaadin apps for mobile

Productc management now wants to deliver a mobile version of our application PivotEQ, which enables employees to request virtual cards and managers to approve them, and provides credit card reconciliation features. Our UIs are built with Vaadin 23. I don’t think a PWA is going to cut it because we’re going to need access to the camera (photographing receipts) and real time notifications (your request was approved, your charge was successful, etc.). Does anybody have successful experiences packaging Vaadin apps with one of the hybrid mobile frameworks? TIA.

Both camera and notifications should be doable. Here’s an example of camera use: How do I take a photo with my phone - Vaadin Cookbook

Experimental Web Push notification support was introduced in 24.2: Setting Up Web Push Notifications

There is a Webcam component in Directory for using webcam or phone camera as well:

we will look at all that, thanks, folks.