ExpandingTextArea within a Form behaves strange in Chrome


i have a problem with the ExpandingTextArea component in combination with the Chrome browser. In Firefox or IE it works as expected.

I have a Form with several CustomFields. The CustomFields contain the ExpandingTextArea component. If I start my application the form behaves strange. The fields vanish and appear randomly if I select the fields. When I use Firefox or IE this strange behavior does not appear. Furthermore if I replace the ExpandingTextArea with a normal TextField the fields don’t disappear, too.

I tried to use the ExpandingTextArea directly in the Form and it worked in all browsers.

There must be a problem when Chrome renders the ExpandingTextArea componentn within a CustomField which is inserted in a form.

Do you have any idea how this issue can be solved?

I append two screenshots. One shows the expected form (IE.png). The other shows the strange behavior (Chrome.png).

Kind regards

Hi Maxim,

Sorry for the late response. I tried to reproduce this problem with Chrome but I am not able to. If the problem still exists, could you provide a simple test application that shows the problem.