Expanding Select boxes


I have a small problem with Select component expanding when list of choices opened. I have set fixed size for my select boxes and long texts are truncated inside the field as they should be(and therefor not expanding width) but when user opens the list which contains long texts it expands the field also.

My layout contains many components and all available space is used. Now when a select component expands it moves some buttons and fields to right and they are not visible and usable any more within my subwindow. So how can I prevent Select components to expand when opening a list of choices?

I couldn’t reproduce this bug.

How are you setting the width for your select? What select component are you using: ComboBox, NativeSelect, other? What browser and OS? What version of Vaadin?

Thanks and sorry for bothering you. Problem lies between keyboard and chair, as usual. I had forgot to set fixed size for one Select component(which of course was the the one I used for testing).

That’s fine, I’m just glad it wasn’t an actual bug, so no work to be done to fix it!