Expanding node (arrow) of a tree node doesn't trigger the Tree.ExpandEvent

I have a tree on which I have a Property.ValueChangeListener registered to do some stuff when the node selection changes. I want to add the same logic when a user clicks the arrow near the node (when node can have children). I thought Tree.ExpandListener would do the trick but it doesn’t. Any ideas?

Did you make sure to call
on your Tree? If you did and it still doesn’t work, then it sounds like a bug to me and you should
file a ticket

I kept thinking about it and it might be related to my implementation. In my case access to children of a folder is related to user permissions since I noticed I had to click on it twice to actually see the children. Part of the issue was that the nodes where already expanded when I started (used expandItemsRecursively on the root by mistake) so I had to collapse and expand to actually see my code hit.

Since the initial expanding was without anyone logged the nodes had no added children.

Thanks anyway!