Expandable table detail rows

Hello, I’m fairly new to Vaadin, but we’re considering using it for all of our apps. I’m very impressed with it so far.

One thing our designers do, however, is to use expandable table detail rows in their design. There’s nothing built-in (yet) to the tables to do this. I saw this post:


but there’s been no update on it in quite some time. I was able to implement this by creating a table of GridLayout components. When the detail button is clicked, I simply add the detail rows and increase the height of the gridLayout. Then, when collapsed, I remove the rows. It works, but it’s a little hacky and I’m not satisfied with it.

A couple of questions. First, is there a better way of doing this using the components available now? Second, is there any plan on implementing ticket 3152 in the near future?

There might not be a better alternative.

You could consider the
Overlays add-on
, but I think it would also require components inside the table as anchor-points and might have some problems.

Or would the
help in some way?

Or the PopupView?

No, there are no immediate plans to implement the feature.