expand AppNavItem programmatically

If the AppNav/ AppNavItem becomes first class Vaadin components in the future, please extend the API in order to expand an item programmatically.
Up to this point, please add the following method into the AppNavItem.java generated by the Vaadin App Starter at start.vaadin.com

public AppNavItem setExpanded(boolean value) {
    if (value) {
        getElement().setAttribute("expanded", "");
    } else {
    return this;

The repo for feedback can be found here https://github.com/vaadin/vcf-nav/issues

I already saw this repo (and was already tempted to create an issue ) but is this the correct place for raising Flow Component issuees too ? The repo only contains web component stuff ?!

Yeah, that repo can be used for both, even though the Java implementation does not live there.

I have raised another issue there just now: Support for RouteParameters and RouterLink

Always create the issue even if you’re not sure if the repository is correct. Moving issues between repositories is easy; at worst it’s mildly inconvenient. Not having the issue written down is a hundred times worse, because that means the information is just not there at all.

This will be in Start projects once some build cycles pass

Btw if you want to contribute to the project start.vaadin.com generates, we have https://github.com/vaadin/starter-contrib to which you can make PRs. They will need to be manually handled and incorporated into start.vaadin.com but it is a great way to show what you think the generated app should look like