existing servlet app and vaadin

we would like to explore vaadin incrementally and wonder if following would be possible.

Present scenario:
existing servlet based web app

  • uses jsp for view (jsp is largely placeholder for funky javascript and brandign, most of the html markup is emitted by applying xslt on xml)
  • traditional servlet filters and handlers et. al. are used a lot.

Target scenario:
add new functionality onto the existing web app, by using vaadin.

Options we are exploring are
Option 1:
can vaadin selectively delegate the markup generation (for some actions) to another handler completely ? so we can use this approach for keeping part of existing application intact ?

Option 2:
If above is not feasible, can we do XHR or IFRAME based integration for existing components, which we do not wish to port over to vaadin fwrk immediately

What is the best approach, if above is feasible at all ?
can vaadin co-exist with existing application as well ?

Appreciate all your help.



this section of the Book of Vaadin
about adding Vaadin functionality into an existing web page. Maybe that will solve it for you.

Note, at the other end of the spectrum, if you convert your whole app to a Vaadin application, you can still use a static version of your JSP in order to keep the look and feel of the site the same. An HTML file can be used as the layout of your UI using the CustomLayout class (thus embedding the web page into the app, instead of the app into the web page).