Exception when reusing table container

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with table containers, when I reuse it in differnt tables.

0.) Create a table container and remember it. (for example in the session/model/…)
1.) Create a table.
2.) Add table container with itemIDs that extends
(for example:
3.) Detach table. (For example, the table is shown in a window and the window will be closed.)
4.) Create a new table and set the “old” table container to the new table.

==> You will get a IllegaleStateException, because the itemIDs in the container that extends Component has already a parent set.

I think, that the table does not unregister the itemIDs (setParent(null)) when it is detached.

My work-a-round:

table.addDetachListener(new DetachListener() {
    public void detach(DetachEvent event) {
        table.setVisibleColumns(new Object[0]

I “delete” all visible columns that internally calls the unregisterComponent method in the table.

Is that a bug or is there anything else that I do not see???

Best regards,