Exception when handling multiple file upload

Hello experts,
I have this exception when using Upload component and MultiFileMemoryBuffer

at com.vaadin.flow.component.upload.receivers.FileData.getFile(FileData.java:91) ```
I checked the code and found out that in MultiFileMemoryBuffer  we put ByteArrayOutputStream into FileData but then threw an exception because it was not UploadOutputStream. Should it be addressed as an issue or am I using the component incorrectly ?

Here is my sample code:
```MultiFileMemoryBuffer buffer = new MultiFileMemoryBuffer();
        Upload multiFileUpload = new Upload();
        multiFileUpload.addSucceededListener(event -> {

            buffer.getFiles().forEach(file -> {

                try {
                    final File lflTemp = File.createTempFile("temp", "temp-");
                    FileData fileData = buffer.getFileData(file);
                    FileUtils.copyFile(fileData.getFile(), lflTemp);
                    //store uploaded file here to save
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    LOG.error("Could not create the file", e);

                NotificationUtils.showSuccess("File uploaded");



Work around for my case is using
FileUtils.copyInputStreamToFile(buffer.getInputStream(fileData.getFileName()), lflTemp);
instead of involve

you are using MultiFileMemoryBuffer

as the name suggests, MultiFileMemoryBuffer writes the received data to memory

therefore fileData.getFile() doesn’t work, as there doesn’t exist any File on the hard drive

You could use MultiFileBuffer or implement your own MultiFileReceiver that writes to the hard drive instead, then it would work

Then you also wouldn’t have to copy the file again

Thank you for your clarification. I will consider using MultiFileReceiver