Exception after Update to Vaadin 23.3.1

I found in the logfile the attached exception. This message never came up with 23.2.1. Does anyone has an idea?
message.txt (9.06 KB)

That’s a Dependency mismatch. Make sure you have the correct version of all dependencies and not something out of date that sneaks in an old version.

I only use the following version. No additional dependencies in my pom.xml


Did you use a proper clean build on Dependency upgrade? Did you try vaadin:dance?

The version (jar file) was build by bitbucket pipeline, so everytime new

Sounds like a client cache problem then :partying_face:

okay… so. do you think I can ignore it?

happens now once, but of course not many users are using the application this days…

I’m personally not sure - the call is pretty important… related change https://github.com/vaadin/flow/pull/15414

@winsome-wombat do you think it’s safe to ignore it or should the method be changed to also accept the old value?

okay, thanks for your help. let’s see what Artur saying… :slightly_smiling_face:

If there is a mismatch between which version the client uses and the server uses, you will have a lot of weird problems. That’s what should be fixed if something needs to be fixed.

If you see the exception, then probably a white screen is shown to the user as it is unable to fetch the route

@winsome-wombat Thanks for the feedback. If I understand you right, I should ignore it? :slightly_smiling_face: