EventRouter own events

Hi there,
i try to implement my own event using EventRouter. Can someone please post me a short implementation example Component/Event/Listener? I’m a bit confused at the moment.

Thank you all !!

This doesn’t answer your question directly, but… I once tried to understand how EventRouter works, and I didn’t find it fun to use. So I wrote

It’s basically a 3rd party replacement/complement for EventRouter that
have a more intuitive API. I also wrote a small how-to for it:

Yes I know your add-on :wink: thank you …

but I try to use the “official” way … so is there an example out there?

Thank you,

Unfortunately I don’t think there are good examples out there, but the class is quite generic and can be used in many contexts. See the
package javadoc
and the
class javadoc
, and maybe how it is used by Vaadin AbstractComponent.

Also, the event router is at least mentioned in Nikolas Fränkel’s book Learning Vaadin.