Error with JPAContainer and Authenticate method.

I am using this method to authenticate users on my application that uses HttpServletRequestListener . See the link

Also I am using JPAContainer to persist data on database.

On my code when I try to add the table using these lines below I got an error.

 userTable.setVisibleColumns(new Object[]{"nome",
            "endereco", "telefone", "cidade", "usuario", "senha"});

The application compile and everything works fine until I type user / pass.

Then I got this error

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Ids must exist in the Container or as a generated column , missing id: name

Can some of you please help me on this issue? I have being working on this for more than 1 week and I still can’t find out.

I really appreciate the help. Thank You

Search your code to find where you have “name” used. It should say that in the error message as well (file, row). Somewhere you are passing the string “name” in when the container doesn’t have that property.