Error when i reload the page of the app

Everything is working perfectly, the app and the pages but when i press the reload button on my browser, this error appears and everthing brakes

You need to give us some code here, please. Do you use @PreserveOnRefresh? Or perhaps your view is scoped?

That’s often related to a Vaadin component attached on different pages ( the old page and the new one). Maybe a static attribute or a Vaadin component annotated as a Spring Component. With some code or explanation, that would help us to precise the answer

i only have a drawer with some tabs and and a navbar with a pagetitle

i don’t think i have anything else that gets shared by every view

“static H1” and so on. No component is allowed to be static.


okay, thank you so much

i will try it right now

yep, it works now

@quirky-zebra thank you so much