Error running example app on eclipse

I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, eclipse Luna 4.4.2, and just installed the Vaadin 7 plugin. I followed the steps on the Vaadin website for starting a new Vaadin maven project, including compiling the theme before running. When I attempt to “Debug on server” as the instructions say to do, I get the following in the console:

INFO: Requested resource
[/VAADIN/widgetsets/AppWidgetset/AppWidgetset.nocache.js] not found from filesystem or through class loader. Add widgetset and/or theme JAR to your classpath or add files to WebContent/VAADIN folder.

Windows explorer does not find any *.js, *.jar, or *.zip files in the workspace directory for my Vaadin project. There is an AppWidgetset.gwt.xml in the target/generated-resources/gwt folder of the project, but I don’t know if it’s related and it seems to only inherit from another library.

I’m new to Vaadin, so I don’t have much background to chase this down. Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

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