Error : Rollup failed to resolve import "lit-html/is-server.js"

We are getting build error on our Jenkins servers for our app. It was updated from V23 to V24.1.12 (latest for today).
Fun fact :

  • build servers is used for 8 apps - samo Java and Vaadin version, some arhitecture. No problems with build
    build_error.txt (3.73 KB)

You are probably using a older version of lit, directly in your javascript code or in a third party addon. Do you use directly lit-html? Or which third party addon are you using?

There are also other explanation here (like using pnpm,…). I guess the root cause is the usage of an old version of lit.
Here is a ticket with the same issue: lit-html/is-server.js cannot be found caused by missing version for lit · Issue #15007 · vaadin/flow · GitHub

yes, this is right. We have found the problem - it was add-on
In last 6 months we want to be up-to-date with V.LATEST version. And we throw now all add-on, because we always have troubles with it.

Thank you for pointing in direction.