Error notification problems

I’m using an error notification using appfoundation internationalization to add text into it.

if (description.length() != 0) {
			Window.Notification notification = new Window.Notification(
					description.toString(), Notification.TYPE_ERROR_MESSAGE);

I. First problem I have with it is that I’m putting paragraphs into it but it doesn’t format them right (picture below).

			<tuv lang="en">
					<p>Password has to be<br /> a minimum of 6 characters long</p>
			<tuv lang="ro">

In fact, notice the
in the sample above doesn’t appear and does nothing

II. Second problem I have with it is that its modal, in a way that it blocks all the other UI functionality when it appears, until it dissappears.

The reason for no formatting is that I forgot to put CDATA tags in the tmx:

			<tuv lang="en">
<p>Password has to be a minimum of 6 characters long</p>
			<tuv lang="ro">

But is the modal obligatory for the Error notification?
Instead I have to use some other notification and paint it red

You can customize the notifications quite well using a
object of any notification type and setting its properties until you’re satisfied. The setDelayMSec() could be useful for making the error box less sticky.

I am using a Notification object (see my code paste above), but I don’t need a delay, I need to let user work on the text fields for the sign up form while seeing the error.
What purpose does blocking everything while showing error notification serve?
I guess I’ll try another type of notification and make it red, like TrayNotification

But the problem is bigger.

Debug shows the HTML goes through to the Notification object constructor:

<br />Password has to be a minimum of 6 characters long<br />
<p>Username<br /> has to be a minimum of 3 characters long</p>
<p>Email has to be a minimum of 5 characters long and respect
	format, e.g. email@domain.ext</p>

But in Firefox only the
worked, like in the 6.6.2 sampler example

has no effect, and also the thing that makes the Error message modal, stops Firebug working as well :O, also right click, and also I can't find the Error notification text in the source, which is a neat trick, but I don't want that right now.

I could do it with
alone, but if I need anything more fancy it won’t work I bet

notification.setDelayMsec(1000000000); // only way to be able to click in with Firebug and have time to debug :smiley:
It’s either click or delay with this notification, you can’t stop both functionalities and do it programatically (haven’t tried overriding, though I remember I would also have to recompile the widgetset, which I rather leave out of my development space for now)

Another buggish behaviour. If you set delay to -1 (forever), the modal behaviour starts like described above