Equivalent of the swing JSplitPane.setContinuousLayout(false) in vaadin

What is the equivalent of the swing JSplitPane.setContinuousLayout(false) in SplitPanel in vaadin?

There isn’t. You could file an enhancement ticket about it.

You could implement the functionality yourself in a custom SplitPanel. At simplest, you could just override setSplitPosition() and remove the “client.runDescendentsLayout(this);” from the end. It might not be a proper way and could cause some problems. It would prevent the Vaadin client-side code from doing layout recalculations while dragging, but it wouldn’t prevent browser from re-rendering regular HTML. Nevertheless, it would be extremely simple to do.

A “shadow splitter” that is dragged instead of the real splitter would probably be a safer solution. The most central methods to override are probably onHorizontal/VerticalMouseMove() in VSplitPanel, as well as the mouse start and end methods.

Thanks for the answer.

I created a ticket to add this feature http://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/6889