Entities with no properties block Endpoint generation

I am currently migrating to Hilla 2.0.
Currently I can’t generate my endpoints (which worked before). The last message I received before the process comes to a stop is

WARN (tsgen) : Component has no properties

I played a bit around in the Entityprocessor. This happens with multiple Entities. To give an example, one of them is the


I managed to overcome this issue by setting properties to an empty object, if they are undefined. But then the next problem pops up in the Schema.js of the generator-typescript-core. Once again, because there are no properties.

Reproducable error example:


So now I am asking myself if I am missing something in my config for the endpoint generation?

But QuerySortOrder is a Flow class not to be used with Hilla?

Should it really matter if it’s a Flow class? The endpoint generator should also (and previously did) generate the corresponding ts entity.
Besides it also happens with some Spring classes and a ‘@MappedSupperclass’ of mine

Prior to version 1.2 in Hilla the entire flow dependency was there, but the structure was refactored a bit, so that only the flow-server is included. QuerySortOrder is in flow-data. So when you use 1.2 or newer version of Hilla, the class is simply not there.

The problem is not, that the class is missing. I got it as a dependency. The problem is, that the entityprocessor fails for specific entities and halts the whole endpoint generation process.

I made a working minimal example, without the flow class: