Enhancement on Table - vaadin 6.7.0.rc1

Hello all,

As I said on my previous post Im migrating code to vaadin 6.7.0.rc1. My main issue on 6.6+ tables was the keyboard navigation; which was broken for data binded tables. Let me thank to the vaadin team for fixing this on 6.7.0.

The problem now is that I somewhat relied on the table row refreshing to make a single row editable. In order to enhance the performance of a editable table I would only create fields for the current selected row and leave all other rows without fields. This approach saves memory and the table creation is much faster as no fields are created first hand, and when they are created only the selected row get them.

Now on 6.7.0.rc1 as no refreshing is done I dont get the fields when I select a line. I had a proposal that would be useful for me and maybe for more people (I guess…) Would it be possible only to refresh the row of the table that was selected? Or at least have this behaviour as optional? I dont know if this is possible in GWT or if the focus would remain on the selected line, but it would be great for me to have this.

Bruno Santos

Hi Bruno,

This is might be due to the fix for
which will only update the selected (and unselected) rows. These should probably update in your case, though, if I understood you correctly. Could you
create a ticket
for your problem and attach a simple test application that implements your case and we’ll take a look at it?