Enhanced Rich Text Editor delete key

I use the Enhanced Rich Text Editor component in our project and have a wrong behavior when deleting a character with the delete key. The caret first jumps one character further and deletes the next character.

I just updated to Vaadin 23 and hoped that this would be fixed in the newer versions, but I still have the same behaviour. I also created a new Vaadin 24 application and added a plain Enhanced Rich Text Editor and had still the same Problem.

i use Spring Boot 2.7, Java 17

You should create an issue in the corresponding add-on GitHub repo if you think you found an error.
Note that this is no officially maintained component

Ok, I will. Here https://vaadin.com/directory/component/enhanced-rich-text-editor it was already commented 2 years ago, so I just hoped that this would be already fixed or somebody knows what I am doing wrong

and thanks for the quick response