Enabling panel scrolling inside a setSizeFull() layout?

I have a VerticalLayout. It has its size set to full. Debug shows no layout problems, i.e. its parents are all correctly set up.

Inside that VerticalLayout I have added a Panel. I have left its size undefined. I have set its scrolling to true.

The panel has a long OptionGroup inside it. I have left its size default.

I would have expected the panel contents to scroll when the window is small enough. No scrolling occurs. Why not?


You assume that the Panel would a have max-height, which no Vaadin component has. If the Panel is undefined size, it will grow as big as its content (I assume you have an undefined sized layout inside the Panel).

You need to define a size for the Panel in order to get scrollbars. Max width/height, defaulting to 100%, would be handy I admit, but no such functionality now.

And that is a great reply; thank you. Problem solved.