Enabling and disabling Drag and Drop "on the fly"

Hello everyone!

I’ve created an Layout for rearranging components similiar to this example:

Now I’m wondering if this could be disabled or enabled “on the fly”, so i could lock this layout. Changing the
of the
did not change anything.

Has someone an idea?

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Hello again and happy new year!

because maybe noone understood me I wrote a quick example (see the attached source file). Horizontal Drag & Dropping is enabled, but I want to toggle it. Sure, I could edit the AcceptCriterion, but that would mean, that the user is still able to start the process.

So I want to make something like a toolbar. If the user wants to edit the layout, he can do it. Once he’s ready, he should be able to actually lock the layout.

Can anyone help me for this?

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12149.java (6.27 KB)

So I figuered out, that changing the DragStartMode of each wrapper (which must first added to a list, to access them later), is a way to do this. If anyone has an better idea, please post it here.


Looking at the API and examples, yeah, setting layout.setDragStartMode(DragStartMode.NONE); is the way I think it should be done.

Hello Jens,

thank you very much for your reply. Which layout do you mean? Either SortableLayout nor the HorizontalLayout do provide such a method, or am I wrong? It would be really nice to only change the layout instead of each wrapper.


This is basically what the
DragDropLayouts addon

Yeah I was referring to the wrapper and not the layout :frowning:

But check out the add-on mentioned (and created) by John. It might clean up your code.

Hello everyone!

Thanks for your reply. Sorry for my late response, but somehow I expected an email to inform me about an answer…

I will check this layout out, thanks a lot!


how can i manage DragStartMode on select purticular layout

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