Empty row in a GridLayout

I’m using a GridLayout end, in order to have a better look I need, sometime, to insert an empty row : I mean a row without any component but taking the same space of other rows.
I tried with inserRow() but no space is taken, I tried with a Label(" ") but again no space is taken.
Only if I insert a Label(“AAAAAAAAAAAAAA”) I get a partial result.
How cam I solve my problem ?

Your label doesn’t have a height because it doens’t have a content. You need to explicitly set a height for it. That said, consider using CSS to fix all your styling issues. For example, let’s say you want 20px between rows one and two, what you can do is add a bottom-padding of 20px in the components in row one which will effectively add a spacing between the rows.

Kim’s suggestion of using padding and maybe even margin in css is the way to go here but if you really need a Label that takes up space you could set it up like this:

new Label("&nbsp", ContentMode.HTML); (Documented here
Vaadin Book about Label. Look at 5.7.3

It works.