Emplacement of component description (tooltip) programmatically?

Is it possible to place the description (tooltip) from a component (like textField) programmaticaly above or under the component?
Is it possible to show the description when the component gets the focus instead on hoover?

Thanks for your help.

Not using the server-side API. I remember doing some tooltip customization for a client some time ago; you need to extend VTooltip and then replace the built-in one with your own using deferred binding.

VTooltip has methods that control e.g. when it opens. Positioning can be overriden in setPopupPositionAndShow().

Thank you for your quick answer Thomas.
I found the VTooltip class and understand what your saying, just have to figer out deffered binding because I never used it.
Kind regards

- the simplest case with only a when-type-is condition should be enough.

I think the ContextHelp addon could work for you

@John: The ContextHelp does exactly what I need, thank you for the tip. The only question that remains is why doesn’t it work on a RichTextArea? For the other components I added to my form it works great.

If someone experienced the same issue I’ll be glad to hear from you

@Henri: Thank you for the link it will be an alternative when I cannot get the ContextHelp working for the RichTextArea.