Embeeding Vaadin Application

When i am trying to embed vaadin application in my application that is an event driven framework.
I am getting a blank page with showing loading in firefox. I have checked with firebug that
page source is not containing my apps source code.

i have checked in script tab in firebug , it is showing Application url as

http://localhost:808/my.jsp/event/seq/1 : com_vaadin_terminal_gwt_DefaultWidgetSet.onInjectionDone(“com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.DefaultWidgetSet”);

please me out to fix this issue?

Surender SIngh

The applications source code should not be there, but a GWT bootstrap you can find by looking html source for any Vaadin app - for example the

This is generated, but you can write it directly to your jsp too. Don’t know how your framework is working, but it should inject that along with the js files in html header. Remember also, that the server part of Vaadin is a servlet and there should be unique uri mapping that.