Embedding Vaadin application inside a div Element


i try to configure my vaadin app using div like it is described there:


i created now a demo test app to show you my problem

call vaadin test app:

It works (direct call)

then i follow the steps from vaadin tutorial

and thats the first approach


WebConsole shows: wnd.vaadin is not defined

second approach


WebConsole shows: e is null

please help, i am little bit frustrated :frowning:

thanks in advance for any information you can provide!

Kind regards from Austria,


It should work as described in the beginning of the section, but looks like the “complete example” at the end of the section is probably a bit outdated.

So, your second approach is more correct. I don’t quite know what causes the problem.

here’s an updated example
of basic embedding.

Please note that the embedding div should be enclosed “

”, not self-enclosing “


thanks for feedback, that is working as you can see here:


but know i have a little problem, dont know why this is working with iframe but now webconsole says:

GET http://admin.c-berger.org:8888/Test/VAADIN/themes/reindeer/styles.css [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 109ms]

my styles.css in themes directory contains:

@import url(…/reindeer/styles.css);

reindeer look is inside of vaadin jar

someone has an idea?

thanks, best regards Chris

hello again,

problem is located in web.xml

	<servlet-name>Test Application</servlet-name>

i need that to show the Login.html, but that leads to reindeer problem

default servlet mapping like:

	<servlet-name>Test Application</servlet-name>

then is reindeer working but i am not able to show a Login.html, because everything is routed to Test Application

i think thats easy for someone who has know-how with web.xml structure :slight_smile:

thx, best regards Chris

For the theme problem, if your application servlet is mapped with /foo/, you need to add an additional mapping /VAADIN/ to the same servlet (or any Vaadin servlet).

You could also have the Vaadin app in the normal /* mapping and serve static resources from a sub-url such as /static/* if you map the sub-url to the
default servlet


thank u very much, this helps as well :slight_smile:

the next problem was that logoff leads not to Login.html but to Serlvet/App as it is configured in web.xml

that i was able to solve with this:


i will wait a couple of time till closing this thread

maybe new things will poping up

thanks again for help

bye Chris