Embedding gwt-fx

Has anyone knowledge to tell how to embedding gwt-fx (http://code.google.com/p/gwt-fx/) to vaadin components.
I want to use fade-out and fade-in effects in layout (or panel).


It won’t be too much trouble, but you must be willing to dive into custom widgets and GWT coding, of course.

If you wish to trigger animations from the server-side, I’d think adding animations to a layout/panel could go like so:

  1. Add API to server side class: one more attribute that gets passed in UIDL to client. Basically this means overriding paintContent(PaintTarget target) method.
  2. In server-side widget, in method updateFromUIDL, you check for the animation attribute, do any necessary initializations before calling super.updateFromUIDL, and after that trigger the animation with gwt-fx.

That’s just a rough proof-of-concept-prototype-thingy, obviously you need to go through the use cases you need for the animations (e.g. when is it triggered, does it trigger on each layout/panel update or only once etc.)

I’m really interested how this turns out for you, so please share the process, and I’m willing to help more on the subject.