Embedding a webcomponent Vaadin application (WebComponentExporter) on a Vaadin application

I am following the example from the documentation at https://vaadin.com/docs/latest/integrations/embedding/exporter to create a web component and integrate it into a Vaadin application, but I am getting an error "Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute ‘define’ on ‘CustomElementRegistry’ because the container Vaadin application loads its components and when starting the embedded application, the same components are tried to be registered again, causing the failure.
I have seen that there is a labs project at https://vaadin.com/labs/micro-frontend, using Vaadin 14, where the problem is solved by creating a ‘bundle’ application to register the components only once. Is there any way to solve this problem with Vaadin 23/24? Has anyone faced this problem?

I have seen that there is no way to isolate web components according to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50498183/isolate-webcomponent-js-libraries, so I understand that we would have to opt for a solution similar to that ‘bundle’ application. Thanks for the help.