Embedded UI, notification off the screen


I have vaadin app that is embedded in a web page. Everything works fine, but notifications are displayed out off the screen, for example top position of the notification may be 1063 px, way outside of my vertical screen size.

Horizontal position of the notification is on the center of the screen, but vertical position somehow depends on the vertical scroll bar. My vaadin UI takes lots of vertical space and a vertical scroll bar is shown correctly but more i scroll down, notification is shown lower and lower until it goes out of the screen. If scroll bar is at the top notification is centered vertically but scrolling down moves notification position lower and lower.

I tried the same UI when not embedded in a web page and notification is shown correctly regardless of the scroll bar.

Is there anything I can do about it? Thanks!

Is there any hope for me? I reported a bug (
), It will probably take a while before someone takses a look.

I would like to debug it myself, but I am crap when it comes to HTML, positioning, web development on client side in general. I would appreciate any hint, where to start debugging this?
Is this vaadin or gwt problem?
Is this problem on the server side or client side?