Embedded/TYPE_BROWSER not working for some URI

Hi All,
I want to put google maps iframe into aplication. For some reason I can not see any iframe for http//maps.google.com. If i try code with only http//google.com, it works. Do you have any suggestions? Can you see any problem?

My code is:

Embedded browser = new Embedded("", new ExternalResource("http://maps.google.com/maps?q=praha&hl=cs&ll=50.077413,14.420929&spn=0.442419,1.352692&sll=47.195909,8.47842&sspn=0.006969,0.021136&vpsrc=0&t=h&z=10"));
layout.addComponent(browser, column1, row1, column2, row2);

Thank you

Does it work if you replace every “&” in that url with “&”?
I suspect this is a problem that’s already fixed in trunk (to be released soon).

It does not work even for simple ““http://maps.google.com””. I do not know, what is specific for this page. But it works for “http://google.com”. Really strange.

The reason is the following HTTP response header (which you can see with Firebug):

X-Frame-Options	SAMEORIGIN

This restricts iframe embedding in browsers so that only page with the same origin (same server) can embed the page. I think it’s because Google wants to control where Google Maps is embedded. Google wants to know you.

Fortunately, Google Maps allows embedding in a HTML page with some JavaScript. You can then put such a static page or servlet in an iframe. See

But perhaps it’s easiest to use the
to embed Google Maps.