embedded table problems IE7 vs FF3.5

widgetset compiled for all browsers.


FF3.5 hardly shows anything IE shows alright


FF3.5 doesn’t show anything IE7 shows alright

Also having trouble getting the div snap to its content. I suppose i have to write a javascript or something for it.
At this point i might just as well use an iframe. Anyone specialised in table problems?

Guess IE missbehaves as usual, but FF or CSS are not any brighter about div resizing properly.
I’m forced to use width: 75%; or something for the div containing the application.

Can you give some more details.
If I understood correctly, you have a Vaadin application inside such a div on a page not generated by Vaadin.

Have you defined a size for the top-level layout of your application, and how? What is around the div?

You could also try to run the application with “?debug” in the URL and click “Analyze layouts” to check for some clear violations of the layout composition rules (e.g. component with a relative width inside a layout with undefined width).

If this does not help, it might be useful to see a code snippet of the layout code (the contents of the application init() method for a simple test) and a minimal HTML page where the application is embedded that demonstrates the issue.

The application is loading in a .jsp page that is nothing more than a .html.The DTD is XHTML 1 strict. The div is inside another div, with undefined size, float:left, display:inline, which is inside the body, which is set to height:100%, and i also made a test with adding width 100%. i also tried setting getLayout().setSizeFull(). The problem persists.

EDIT: attached basic sample with no libs.

Bump. I pinpointed the problem:
It appears when i change the div to this:

so namely it’s float:left that’s causing it. Still unknown how to have the div resize to contents in FF when floated.
11190.war (1.52 MB)