Embedded SVG not visible

I’m trying to add an SVG-Image like this:

Resource res = new ThemeResource("img/admin.svg"); Embedded object = new Embedded("My SVG", res); object.setMimeType("image/svg+xml"); contentLayout.addComponent(object); In the final DOM it shows up as Tag with correct URI (see Attachment) but is not rendered by the browser.
If I use the same Resource with com.vaadin.ui.Image everything works fine.

What am I missing?
Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: Vaadin 7.4.5, Vaadin Spring 1.0.0.beta3, Java 1.8


Please try removing the setMimeType. Have you tested a different browser?

Withouth setMimeType the behaviour is exactly the same.
The problem exists in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

In Internet Explorer, the following message appears instead of the SVG-Image:

When clicking “Open this content in a new window” the SVG is displayed correctly in a new Tab.

The problem was to be found somewhere else: Spring Security.

From the Spring Security documentation:

The X-Frame-Options response header instructs the browser to prevent any site with this header in the response from being rendered within a frame. By default, Spring Security disables rendering within an iframe.

I solved the issue by adding the following arguments to my SecurityConfiguration:

.and().headers().addHeaderWriter(new XFrameOptionsHeaderWriter(XFrameOptionsMode.SAMEORIGIN));

http.headers().frameOptions().disable(); also helps