Embedded Microsoft products

Is there any way to embed a microsoft word object and be able to launch Word? This actually goes for any product actually. I would like it to work in this fashion similar to the following in powerpoint:

  1. Inside power point, choose to insert Object, e.g. a Excel Spreadsheet.
  2. Enter data into spreadsheet ( embedded ).
  3. double click on spreadsheet , then spreadsheet goes back to uneditable and goes to just display until clicked on again.

So basically the “powerpoint” would be some vaadin window in this illustration and the spreadsheet a object i suppose in the window.


I would assume this works the same way as PDFs; if the browser supports it, then yes. We embed PDFs all the time, and the browser recognizes the file and starts its own PDF renderer, or a plugin in the case of IE.

I tested a ppt with chrome and IE, and neither work out-of-the box. You might find a plugin that opens them, though.