Embedded App


I deployed my Vaadin app at the context /app , but I’ve embedded the app in another page at the root context with the technique describes here: https://vaadin.com/book/-/page/advanced.embedding.html - 11.2.1. Embedding Inside a div Element

I’d like to know if is is possible to prevent users to access the /app uri and only use the / uri so that users can only use the embedded app.

Thank you.


So, I thought I could check if the app is standalone or not so that I can prevent the access to the standalone version of my app.
When embedding the app, I had to provide a value for the param “standalone” which I set to false. So, according to the method isStandalone(VaadinRequest request); from the VaadinService class I can check whether my app is standalone or not. But after trying to get this information through the method, I never got the expected result, so I investigated a little bit further and checked the implementation which is :

public class VaadinServletService extends VaadinService {


    public boolean isStandalone(VaadinRequest request) {
        return true;


So this method does nothing exept returning true …

Is there another way to get this information ?