Embed portlet in vaadin

I just made a demo app with vaadin, and I am really impressed.
Now I have a little strange question - is it possible to embed existing Liferay portlet in vaadin portlet?

What do you mean by embedding? Running the existing portlet inside a component in the Vaadin portlet?

This might not be trivial with Portlet 2.0 (JSR-286) - portlets are designed to be shown on the single rendered portal page, not separately. Individual portlets normally do not have their own render URLs etc., and the portal does not go through their processing phases (actions, render, …) if they are not on the page.

The three Vaadin components in which one might conceivably be able to embed a portlet are the Embedded component, a CustomLayout or a Label in HTML mode.

It is possible to embed portlets at least within the Liferay web content portlet - see e.g. the blog post
embedding portlets in web content
. Do note that you might need some custom dispatching to have the tag processed within a Vaadin portlet, or replicate the logic it is using.

Another possible approach could be to use WSRP, but that would probably be more complicated.

I am not certain about whether these approaches would work and how much work they might require. It could be helpful for others if you would post your results here if you do (or don’t) find a good solution.

Thank You,
this is exactly what I meant - for example, to create Vaadin portlet with layout and components and add inside it “My friends” portlet from Liferay. I know this sounds weird, but the initial idea was to use this as an option to upgrade layout in a more convenient way in the future. If I can achieve this, I’ll be able to add new components in users’ pages by just editing 1 portlet - without adding hooks or editing .properties in Liferay. Or in short, I want to use Vaadin to edit layouts in Liferay.
I am still not sure if I’ll be able to find good solution.